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We're talking money in Kenya and trees in Cameroon

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The voice over by Africa Uncensored co-founder (John-Allan Namu) is a summary of some of our interesting projects for 2022. Heavy stuff, but don't look away.
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Hi there! We've got quite the newsletter edition for you this time around. For months now, we have been promising to release new content on our platforms; well, that day is finally here! The first episode of our six-part series, "Thao", goes live February 1st 2022. For the next six weeks, set your reminders, as every Tuesday new episodes of this series get published. 

This edition also carries a special report on the logging timber from rare Rosewood trees in Cameroon. While the continent's focus is currently on this West African Nation for the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament, Investigative journalist Christian Locka took a real deep dive into some of Cameroon's oldest indigenous forests, and came back with a story that should concern everyone interested in the country's natural heritage.

As usual, Linda Ngari and the fact-checking team at Piga Firimbi have been doing lots of verifying of fake news; there's an update on what they've found in this edition of the Deep Dive, so read on.

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Our twitter spaces conversation returns this Thursday. We want to take on money for this discussion, but would be grateful for your suggestions on what you'd like us to focus on under this topic.

As always, dive in!


This series, the brainchild of graphics editor Clement Kumalija and brought to life by Africa Uncensored's team of journalists, is our attempt to make money a subject that everyone engages in with confidence. The series, whose production was generously supported by our partners at Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Nairobi, chronicles the story of money in Kenya, but has very contemporary themes and lessons for us all. It comes when Kenyans, and Africans living across the continent are considering the value of their own currencies. Debt diplomacy, mismanaged economies and the resurgence of coups will affect the strength of any currency. Unfortunately, all these phenomena are being experienced in one country or another today. That said, "Thao" is an entertaining narrative series with lots to look forward to. Narrated in sheng, Kenya's lingua Franca, our hope is that the series will capture most if not all of those questions you have about money.


Cameroon's indigenous forests are a new target after Rosewood plantations are depleted in Nigeria

Cameroonian investigative journalist Christian Locka spent months going between Cameroon's deep tropical forests and cities in Nigeria to uncover the illegal trade in Rosewood, an expensive and rare tree, and found where the tons and tons of timber are going to; China. In this revealing investigative report, Locka breaks down the trade righr from the sharp edges of illegal loggers axes to the hard cash paid in exchange for wood that will make intricate furniture in Asia.

Cameroon loses approximately 57 million dollars every year through its forestry department, and with demand for rosewood on the rise, the West African countries natural heritage is at serious risk.

Common myths about Cervical Cancer

Happy new month!

But first, the Piga Firimbi team would take you aback to January for being the Cervical Awareness month. On this thread that debunks numerous myths and misconceptions about Cervical Cancer, Piga Firimbi found that it is the fourth most prevalent cancer globally.

Cervical Cancer is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Kenya, after Oesophageal Cancer. Similarly, the claim that Oral sex is the leading cause of throat cancer was debunked here. Part of this belief is charged by actor Michael Douglas from the Netflix show- The Kominsky Method's confessions that his own throat cancer had been caused by oral sex. But no, this is not the leading cause of throat cancer. Never has been, albeit the fact-check found that there is a new trend showing a rise in HPV-related throat cancers. The types of HPV found in the mouth are almost entirely sexually transmitted.

Some of the myths debunked over the Cervical Cancer awareness month include claims that Cervical Cancer is caused by having unprotected sex, that HPV only affects women and claims that Cervical Cancer impairs fertility in women. Find out what the verdict on these claims are here.

Editorial Director: John-Allan Namu

Assignment Editor: Sam Munia

Social Media Manager: Cecilia Ashioya

Contributors: Linda Ngari, Clement Kumalija and Christian Locka

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