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The voice over by Africa Uncensored co-founder (John-Allan Namu) is a summary of some of our interesting projects for 2022. Heavy stuff, but don't look away.
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Happy new year! You made it to 2022, and so did our newsletter! This is our first edition of 2022, and what a year it is already shaping up to be! From protests against France's influence in Mali to a political contest in Kenya, to the world bracing itself for what comes after the Omicron variant, 2022 will be anything but dull! Here at Africa Uncensored, we're looking to go even deeper into the subjects you care about - starting with money! Our new series, Thao - the story of money, told my money, premieres soon, as does our new fact-checking gameshow for fact's sake. Look out for those on our YouTube channel. Last year we were working hard to produce the third season of documentary series Maisha Mkanda, which airs every Sunday evening at 7:30pm on pay TV channel, Maisha Magic Plus. So far we've covered a controversial prophetess, the plight of men who have endured intimate partner violence, with stories on doping athletes, the recycled hair industry and the epidemic of police suicides to come. Heavy stuff, but don't look away.

One more thing...

This year, we'll be spending a lot of time breaking down the issues that matter to you, and fact-checking our way through Kenya's electoral cycle. So for the first time this year, dive in!


Kenya is heading towards a pivotal election. The names that will be on ballots will be clear soon, but what isn’t clear is whose agenda it is to restore public trust in government. There ought to be an obvious answer to this question, but the underpinnings of Kenya’s democracy have been so shaken that we really need to ask: in who/what do we put our trust? In the 8th edition of our election series, “Disclosure”, Africa Uncensored co-founder John-Allan Namu writes about the death of trust, and what it means for Kenya's upcoming election. Read it here!


The season of political fakes is nigh!

As the August 9th elections draw closer, the spread of fake news is fast-rising, showcasing obviously politically-skewed misinformation. The Piga Firimbi team debunked such information, here,  involving an image of a burnt car from the UK used to lie that boda boda riders chanted "choma dynasty"- a political slur connected to William Ruto's Dynasty vs Hustler phrase- and razed down a nearby private vehicle.

A recent claim, here, would also implicate Deputy President William Ruto in a non-existent $240 million bribe scandal. The fabricators would go as far as replicating an American based publication to make the information appear credible.

Some of these frauds will stop at nothing. For this reason, Piga Firimbi invites all and sundry to share all sorts of images, links, videos, articles and lumps of fakes emanating in your circles. Drop them on the Google form here and leave it to us to sniff out lies from truth.

Thanks in advance.


Investigating the route of deadly disputes in Narok

“A Troubled Land” puts the spotlight on the complexities, hurt and rage in cyclical conflicts between rival communities in Narok, a county in Kenya's Rift Valley. These conflicts have multiple causes, triggers and actors that can be dated back to the colonial and post-independence regimes. Journalist Mike Yambo produced this in-depth look at what ails Narok county.

Everything about this investigation came from an extraordinary collaborative effort, facilitated by Africa Uncensored, under the #Investigate101 program; and this documentary is testament to how powerful these tensions between rival clans are to the people and the existence of the Mau forest.


As the world grapples with the vagaries of climate change, Africa Uncensored and Youth for SDGs are claiming their stake in improving climate communication. Through interactive media activities including bi-weekly quizzes, infographics, short films, and engagements with stakeholders among others, the partners hope to improve knowledge of climate change issues in society. This is geared towards increasing society’s appreciation of climate change, relatability to changing weather patterns, adaptability to better ways of securing and promoting the environment and enhancing resilience among communities, especially the minorities and marginalized to better safeguard future generations. Look out for more online content through the hashtags #TalkActClimate and #Voices4ClimateKE and remember to drop your ideas on some of the interesting stories you wish us to cover on #ClimateChange.

Editorial Director: John-Allan Namu

Assignment Editor: Sam Munia

Social Media Manager: Cecilia Ashioya

Contributors: Linda Ngari, Khamadi Shitemi and Mike Yambo

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